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Whether you own a restaurant, a shopping mall, an automotive service station, an office building, or any other kind of commercial structure, it’s important to make sure your business is built to withstand tough Alberta weather conditions! By having a rigid commercial metal roofing system in place, you can rest assured that your valuable investment will be well protected. Renoteck Roofing offers a variety of commercial metal roofing solutions that will help you save on heating and cooling costs thanks to improved energy efficiency. Your commercial venue will benefit from increased value and curb appeal and a prolonged life thanks to our Calgary metal roofing contractors selection of commercial metal roofing materials and services:

Calgary metal roofing Roof Replacement

Replacing a commercial roof can be very costly which is why our dedicated Calgary metal roofing experts will survey your roof to determine if you require a new one or can get away with a simple and inexpensive repair job. Our company has installed virtually every type of commercial metal roofing system, so we can easily establish an efficient roof replacement plan that involves a 3-step process which includes conducting a thorough roof inspection, analyzing the results to determine a commercial metal roofing product that best suits your needs and budget, and providing consistent customer care throughout the duration of your metal roof installation project.

Our proven 3-stop roof replacement process begins the moment you call our Calgary metal roofing

reps and continues long after your roof has been installed. Your newly installed roof will be built to code and will meet all required specifications. On every roof replacement project done by Renoteck Roofing, the final stage includes an inspection performed by the commercial metal roofing product manufacturer which eliminates room for any errors. Our Calgary metal roofing contractors provide professional roof replacement for most roofing systems available in today's Alberta market. Whether your commercial roof has been damaged by weather or by accident, our skilled team is just a call away!

Calgary metal roofing Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Our commercial roof inspection and maintenance services help to not only prolong the life of your roof but will save you the hassle of unforeseen “surprises”. Even if your commercial building has a recently installed roofing system, it will need regularly scheduled inspections in order to maintain manufacturer warranties. For more information about our Calgary metal roofing experts roof inspection and maintenance program, please visit.

Calgary metal roofing New Construction Projects

Our company provides the ideal commercial metal roofing product and expertise for new commercial construction projects in the Greater Calgary Area. If you manage a new construction project, a Calgary metal roofing specialist will be able to answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision regarding your roofing needs. The more you know about the different types of flat roofs we have available, how they are made and the materials that are used, the easier it will be to make the right choice. Renoteck Roofing has over 25 years of experience working with the following types of commercial roofing applications:

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC roof systems are lightweight, durable, highly reflective, efficient, and are the consistent choice of eco-friendly contractors and commercial building owners. With extra strong seems they are resistant to ponding water. They are a great choice for facilities with grease, oil, and chemical concerns.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

A popular choice for “green buildings”, these roofs are resistant to UV rays, ozone and chemical exposure, and ponding water. They are less flexible and more flammable than PVC, but their reflective design options effectively trim building cooling costs.

Ethlyene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)

EPDM consists of a single-ply membrane that makes a roof completely waterproof and does not pollute run-off rainwater. These roofing systems require little equipment for a faster, less expensive installation. They offer outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, polar substances, and weather-born stress.

Bur Bitumen Roofs (BUR)

BUR roofs can be composed of two, three, four, or more layers – the greater the number of layers, the more durable the roofing becomes. Very durable and waterproof, this type of roofing system is a popular choice.

Modified Bitumen Membrane (SBS)

SBS roofing is a two-ply system applied in rolls that overlap the edge of the previous roll. It withstands traffic and wear better than BUR roofs.

Calgary metal roofing Roof Repairs

Is your commercial roof leaking or damaged? If so, Renoteck Roofing is Alberta’s expert for the repair of flat or low-slope commercial roofing. Prompt service is available in all major cities including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Strathmore, Sherwood Park, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, St. Albert, Airdrie, Spruce Grove, Okotoks, Cochrane, Fort Saskatchewan, Chestermere, Brooks, High River, Whitecourt, Drumheller, De Winton, and Bragg Creek. Our Calgary metal roofing contractors are always fully prepared and can quickly help you solve your roof issues. Here’s our roof repairs process:

  • An experienced estimator will visit your location to assess your roof. If the problem is minor, it will take about 30 minutes to repair.
  • If more extensive repair work is required, we will provide a written quotation and a time commitment for completing repairs.
  • Our Calgary metal roofing specialists will complete the roof repairs in a prompt and professional manner. We will then invoice your company for our work.

Some of the common commercial metal roofing problems that our Calgary metal roofing contractors address include:


Roofing deterioration due to extreme temperature changes, rain, hail, snow, UV light, pollution, and more.


Roofing deterioration due to extreme temperature changes, rain, hail, snow, UV light, pollution, and more.


If rainfall water does not drain off a commercial metal roofing system within 48 hours, ponding can occur. This excess water could promote unwanted vegetation growth.


Leaves, needles, and wind blown garbage can accumulate around roof drains which can lead to water damming up and ponding.

For quality roof repairs, our commercial metal roofing pros will take the time and effort needed to ensure they do all that is necessary to prolong the life of your roof. Your newly repaired roof will be moisture resistant, energy efficient, and long-lasting! Renoteck is relied upon by some of Alberta’s major commercial property owners for roof repairs, including Rio-Can. Trust our company to successfully tackle your roofing headaches!

Renotecks Calgary metal roofing contractors are fully trained and qualified to perform all types of commercial metal roofing projects. Each are experienced roofing specialists who:

  • Provide consistent customer care.
  • Make efforts to minimize the effect of their work on your commercial business operations.
  • Consider your satisfaction their main priority – they aim to please!

In addition to commercial metal roofing, our Calgary metal roofing experts offer unique green roofing solutions, and such exterior services as soffit and fascia, sunrooms, decks, windows, siding, decks, and doors. All of our company’s commercial roofing options are covered by a transferable 15 to 30 year warranty on both materials and labour. Visit our gallery of photos to view some of the perfectly finished commercial metal roofing projects that we have recently been involved in. Be sure to read some of the testimonials provided by our esteemed customers to learn more about our company, our dedication to excellence, and why you should choose us for your next roofing job. Our Calgary metal roofing contractors also provide excellent residential metal roofing services to homeowners! Contact us today to learn more about why you should choose metal roofing and ask about our helpful financing options too. Our company's doors are always open to you, and our Calgary metal roofing professionals will happily provide you with a free, on-site consultation and quote.

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